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 Women  travelling  alone  –  Making  Friends

Making friends in Israel can be easy. While the most comfortable for women travelling alone is families or other women, most Israelis, young and old, male and female are friendly helpful and will often go out of their way to ensure you are ok. They are honored you are visiting their country.
Israelis love to talk, especially in English. More over, the mentality is still largely that of the old pioneer days that ‘nobody is a stranger we’re all family’ so if the urge to have a chat with the locals grabs you, just do it, ask someone a question and allow the conversation to flow.  
If you are shy and don’t know where to start, asking for a recommendation for a gallery, museum or restaurant is always a good start.
So one is not offended, it is worth mentioning that privacy boundaries in Israel are a little different. Questions like what you do for a living, your age, marital status, qualifications, where you are staying and how much you pay are all considered normal questions in any new conversation in Israel, whether between locals or international visitors.  
While we do suggest side stepping the questions on your hotel name and costs by saying something along the lines of ‘oh it’s a little place on the HaYarkon, my husband booked for me’ do not feel at all threatened by their interest in these areas – its very innocent.   
Friday nights are traditionally family nights and are fun and enjoyable. If you are invited to a Friday evening with a family, seriously consider it. Besides delicious food, the atmosphere is light and friendly and the hospitality is always warm.
The Jerusalem post, an English newspaper of Israel has a detailed community section which outlines many of the weekly community gathering events that are held in English. Whether a lecture, a game of scrabble or a afternoon volunteering, attending one of these can be a delightful way to meet with some local people.
If you have a hobby you enjoy at home, perhaps try to be in contact with a group doing the same thing in Israel, it could be the beginning of a great new international friendship.
Travelling solo as a woman is a wonderful experience. Its great fun and offers a wonderful opportunity to develop your self confidence’
 (Meredith Blackmore, 45, Sheffield)

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