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 Women   travelling   alone  -  Overview

Whether on a solo travelling adventure to simply relax in the sunshine, discover ancient biblical sights, enjoy holistic dead sea health treatments, join a kibbutz volunteering program or perhaps accompanying a partner on a business trip, and site seeing and touring solo, women make up a significant percentage of the annual travelling population to Israel and are warmly welcomed.
Israel, steeped in ancient history, divine natural wonders and exotic cultural flavor is in general, delightfully respectful and open minded towards women making it a very safe and easy country for women of all ages to visit and travel.
Genuine respect for the elderly in the community allows senior citizens to on the whole, enjoy wonderfully active, safe and peaceful lives. And children, who are without a doubt, the gleaming apple of the Israeli communities’ eye are unabashedly adored and cherished the nation over, allowing them the kind of freedom and safety that is sadly a bygone era in many other parts of the world.
"Gathering with the extended family for the many religious holidays’ plays an important role of life in Israel. Perhaps these frequent reunions with the extended family unit, to feast, laugh together and share news allows children and elder relatives to develop stronger connections and a deeper understanding of one another, resulting in wonderful relationships amongst young adults, teenagers & elder members of the family that naturally influence the community as a whole." (Nayana - Australia) 

In terms of typical crime, Israel is a very safe country. While single women should still take care late at night, one can feel quite comfortable to walk solo around the main cities and towns in the evenings, many local women are doing the same. Mugging and drunken violence are not common place in Israel and the general risks of danger is far lower here than practically anywhere in Europe.

Israel is not a place one need be afraid of harassment. Women are respected and lead independent lives here. While you may meet the odd over friendly soul from the male population, no eye contact and completely ignoring them usually does the trick and is not considered at all rude. 
Making friends is easy in Israel. Israelis are friendly and delight in an opportunity to chat with international visitors. For women travelling alone, women and families are your best option for more intimate conversations, though for general questions feel welcome to ask anyone.
In the modern cities feel more than comfortable to dress as you do at home. In Jerusalem and other more religious cities and towns however, it is recommended to dress conservatively, covering your legs and shoulders in order to respect the local religious community. We suggest carrying a shawl or wrap with you while touring Israel. This allows you to cover up more conservatively if ever the need arises and will give some relief from the blasting air conditioners commonly used in restaurants around the nation in the summer.
Travelling by bus and train is very safe for women travelling alone. Be sure though to be planned and know the return timetable of your public transport choice to ensure your ride home. 
Bringing your cell phone is a great idea. Apart from the added safety precaution it gives, there are many bonuses to having your phone and a contact number.
An endless array of experiences awaits the solo woman adventurer in Israel. We hope you enjoy your travels. We are sure you will return home with a suitcase of memorabilia, a diary full with wonderful travel stories and personal insights and a heart full to over flowing with the self confidence, independence and sense of freedom that travelling alone offers. Shalom Ladies!

‘Although travelling solo, you are never really alone in your travels.There are many other solo woman travelers just like you, its easy to make friends if you feel like it’  (Judith Parker, 49, London)

 Places where women travelling alone will be very comfortable:

- Shopping centers and malls, store areas in general

- University campuses

- Markets

- Buses, trains, taxis (also at night)
- Streets (also at night)

- The cinema

- Popular beaches

- Museums, art galleries

- Tourist sites

- Coffee-shops

- Big hotel lobbies, spas, etc.

- Movie theaters at daytime

May be a little uncomfortable:

- Formal restaurants

- Small, popular Nature Reserve trails

- Public gardens

- The Old City of Jerusalem - best to book a group walking tour in your language    or English, most are free

May bring unwanted attention:  

- Bars, pubs

- Evening shows and movies, discotheques

- Non-central beaches

Not recommended:

- Any place deserted (beach at night, woods, the desert, open country, dark alleys, etc.)

- Jerusalem Old City at night

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